Are you a HOT TOPIC?

Little mix's world premiere of "wasabi" shook us all to the core at this difficult time of self-isolation. With all this free time on our hands it's perfectly normal to start going over some things, reasoning and searching for answers. "You talk about me/Look at how far it got me", this lyrics might make us wonder whether or not it can be projected on us. How much is each of us dependent on other people's opinion and just how far can we go in our attempt to impress them? Do we lose ourselves to trying to achieve the unachievable and trick everybody into thinking we are not who we really are, but perfect versions of ourselves right now? Are we even aware of us faking it or trying too hard or simply caring a damn?

Fear of disappointing our peers comes with a belief that we are interesting enough for others to notice, criticize and memorize our fashion choices, significant others and times we have failed to visit a dentist without any delays. But can we be sure that all of our personal experiences matter to those who are not the immediate family? Undoubtedly, we are bound to notice other people's reaction to us in order to be a part of the group. However, is it guaranteed that chain of judging thoughts in our first grade teacher's or next door neighbor's heads even happens? I will give you a much needed answer: No. Hearing this particular "No" is scarier than being seen in public wearing lipstick which shade does not match scarf's hue or introducing parties in the wrong order. This "no" questions our own significance and is unpleasant yet it is time to face the music and try and remember that people only care about themselves. Being in a hot seat should never upset us in any way. You are safe from being that hot a topic whether you showed up casually carrying a jacquemus bag or gave an unwanted opinion on current political news. Even if people talk, it will not mater much to them or anyone else. In other words, reputation is extremely overrated: whatever people think of our appearance or actions does not make us good or bad, we choose it ourselves and everybody has their own right and wrong when it comes to serious things. So whenever we feel like our privacy was just violated by a disapproving look we should only be happy that we have found another difference between us and those who judge us, knowing that might help avoid mistakes in the future in terms of befriending or not, hiring or politely saying 'we will give you a call'. Be careful out in the world and do not overthink the reality: we are all not that hot.

Leave us your comment below and share when was the last time you felt like one of Pussycat Dolls 'being a hot topic'.



Moscow, Russia